Anti-Litter Initiatives

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Dublin City Council has adopted the Litter Management Plan 2008-2011. Read more about the Litter Management Plan. Download the Litter Management Plan

Dublin City Council has adopted Bye-Laws to prevent and control litter within its functional area. Download the Bye-Laws for the Prevention and Control of Litter.

Dublin City Council has adopted a Code Of Practice that requires the owner of any premises that is let in two or more dwellings (i.e. landlords) to ensure that waste material is managed in accordance with the requirements of the Litter Pollution Acts and the “Bye-Laws for the Storage, Separation at Source and Presentation for Collection of Household Waste”. Read more about the protocol for owners of multi-occupancy dwellings.

Dublin City Council are establishing a Forum, which will meet on a quarterly basis to review progress in the implementation of the Litter Plan. Read more about the establishment of the forum.

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