New Regulations on the Shipment of Hazardous Waste within Ireland

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S.I. No. 324 of 2011

European Communities (Shipments of Hazardous Waste Exclusively within Ireland) Regulations 2011

New Legislation was introduced by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government in July 2011 making Dublin City Council, National TFS Office, the sole authority for the administration of hazardous waste movements within Ireland. The C1 form will be re-named the Waste Transfer Form (WTF), and the charge will be €6 per form.

The fundamental change to the current C1 system is the move to an online system which will discontinue the requirement to use the current paper based system.  This new Waste Transfer Form administration system requires consignors to purchase and fill in forms online – the information required is similar to that currently provided on a C1 form and payments may be made online through Dublin City Council’s secure web site.

A copy of the Regulations can be viewed through this link

Information on how to register as a user of the system and instructions on how to purchase Waste Transfer Forms is available in the documents below:

Access the Waste Regulation Management System (WRMS) through this link