Adopt a Street

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Image of a litter binHistory

Adopt a Highway started in the United States in 1985 where basically volunteers look after a stretch of highway to keep it “clean and beautiful”.  The Adopt a Highway Scheme is now operating in 49 states and has expanded to Canada, New Zealand, Australia Japan, UK and Ireland.

Our Approach

In March of 2013 there was an article in the Irish Times with the headline “Adopting one for the Road” which spoke about a scheme that, “ keeps roads tidy at no cost to the taxpayer and is making waves in Cork and Cavan.”  The Adopt a Street Schemes are now operating in Cavan, Cork, Ennis, Galway and Leitrim. Dublin City Council had a look at these to see if we could adapt the “Adopt the Street” for Dublin City.

In early June 2013 we started with a stretch of commercial premises along Killester Avenue, Dublin 5 where the businesses , the local residents and the City Council  joined forces  to set a new high standard of cleanliness along Killester Avenue. The businesses were very enthusiastic.

Every Tuesday evening  we “Adopted the Street” at Killester Avenue with a number of the business people and residents together with Dublin City Council. We provide the equipment such as brushes, litter pickers, gloves, Adopt a Street bibs etc. The Dublin City Council Waste Management staff then remove any litter collected. Adopt a Street in Killester took place now every Tuesday over the Summer of 2013 and  it  made quite a difference along this stretch.

Other Streets Involved

We also adopted the Street beside the Grand Canal on Thursday 18th July 2013 in conjunction with the South African Embassy to celebrate Nelson Mandela Day and we also started Adopt the Street Schemes along Kilmainham  Lane ,  Clontarf ,  Killester, East Wall, East Wall and Grange/Woodbine, Raheny.

Where do we go from here?

The objective is to have Adopt a Street schemes up and running all over Dublin where businesses, residents and the City Council join forces to set a high standard of cleanliness in their area. Health & Safety is very important part of “Adopt a Street”and we provide hi-viz bibs and give a Health & Safety briefing before we start. The Adopt the Street initiative for 2014 is about to commence.

For more information

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