Bulky Household Waste Collection Service

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Dublin City Council is now offering an online Bulky Household Waste Collection Service to all households in its administrative area with effect from 16th May 2016. The bulky waste collection is for items that are too large to be accepted by the regular waste collection service e.g. furniture, carpets, bikes and kitchen & bathroom units. Residents will be able to request this service via the Dublin City Council website and customer services centre. NB: This is a Domestic Household Bulky Waste Collection Service only and is not available to commercial premises.

How does the service operate?

Anyone wishing to avail of this service should contact Customer Services directly on (01)2221000 who will place your request for this service.

How much does the service cost?

The initial cost of the service will be €40.00 per collection. A maximum of five (5) individual items can be presented at any one collection. (A three piece suite of furniture would be classed as three items and not one item) If you wish to have more than five (5) items collected then an additional €40.00 charge will apply per additional five (5) items. NB: All collection charges must be paid in advance before any collection can be arranged. The €40.00 fee applies regardless of the number of items presented between 1 and 5 and no reductions are possible.

What happens after I pay my collection fee?

As part of the service application you will be required to provide contact details (Name, address, telephone number etc). After the payment fee has been processed your request will be sent to the relevant Waste Management depot.  A Dublin City Council official will then contact you by telephone to advise you what date and approximate time your collection will take place. It is not possible for customers to choose their own collection date or time. If there are any questions about items that you have for presentation or issues that require clarification you can do so with the official when you are contacted to arrange the collection. NB: You will normally be contacted within 3 days to arrange your collection date however the collection itself may not take place for up to ten days after payment has been processed. All collections will take place Monday – Friday between the hours of 8.00am and 3.00pm.

Can I cancel a collection after payment has been made?

Customers can cancel collections after payment has been made and a full refund will be arranged provided that the customer notifies the City Council at least 24hours before the due collection date. Collections cancelled on the due collection day or verbally when the collection crew arrives at the premises will not be refunded.

Can I re - arrange an agreed collection date?

Once a collection date has been arranged both Dublin City Council and the customer should make every effort to ensure that the agreed date is adhered to. In the event however that a change needs to be made a customer can contact the Dublin City Council official who arranged the original collection date and if possible agree an alternative collection date. Dublin City Council will try and accommodate such requests whenever possible but in cases where they cannot or as outlined above the request is made on the due collection date no refund will be given.

Which items are accepted for collection and which are not?

The following items are permitted or not permitted for collection as indicated. Please note that any items that are presented for collection but which are listed below as not permitted will be left behind and householders must remove them from the pavement immediately or they could be subject to litter fines. It is the responsibility of the householder to ensure that only items permitted for collection are presented for collection.

What items can be left out for Collection)

What items will not be collected?

Household furniture

Household waste in bags or otherwise which is suitable for the grey or green bins

Bedding and mattresses

Garden green waste or waste arising from landscaping or hedge cutting etc.


Demolition or construction rubble ie soil, stones, concrete, plasterboards, galvanised sheeting or asbestos

Kitchen units, worktops or sinks

Large amounts of waste arising from refurbishing of houses or gardens



Bathrooms and toilet suites

Gas cylinders ( Whether empty or not)


Household Priority Waste or Hazardous Materials such as Paints, Solvents, Thinners, Batteries, Fluorescent Tubes etc. (These wastes require special treatment but can be disposed of at our Civic Amenity Sites)


Electrical and Electrical Goods. (These may be returned to retailers when purchasing replacement goods.)

Garden furniture, barbecues


Oil tanks, boilers and radiators (Fully drained)


Children's swings or slides


Children's prams or buggies or other large toys


If you are in any doubt about whether an item is permitted for collection you should clarify this with the Dublin City Council official when contacted before presenting it for collection.

Presenting Items for collection?

Items will not be collected from inside front or back gardens, sheds or from within the premises itself.

All items presented for collection must be placed outside the premises on the public footpath or agreed and approved location on the morning of your collection day. Items should not block or otherwise cause obstructions to the public footpath. If access to your premises is restricted or not accessible by collection vehicle then you must make this fact known when the collection is been arranged so that an alternative collection location can be agreed. Dublin City Council reserves the right to refuse collections where the premises is not easily accessible by collection vehicle or where to do so would place City Council staff in unsafe working conditions.

Would you like to arrange a Household Bulky Waste Collection?

If you wish to arrange a household collection please contact us on 01 2221000.  NB: Please have your debit or credit card ready to make the necessary payment.

Remember that it is possible for householders to dispose of their own household bulky waste items themselves throughout the year by bringing them to one of our two designated Civic Amenity Sites. For details of these two sites and the appropriate charges and conditions please click on the link below.