Recycling Services

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A list of facilities can be found here Bring Centre Locations

Grangegorman Bring Centre is now accepting green waste for Recycling

The bring centre in Grangegorman is now accepting green waste for recycling. The charge will be the same as at the other bring centres. It is €2 per 80l bag and €16 per skip bag. Commercial green waste will not be accepted.

Recycling Services

Household waste generated in Dublin City is collected, treated and disposed of through an increasingly integrated system. Householders have access to a kerbside green bin for mixed dry recyclables as well as a comprehensive network of recycling centres, community bring centres & glass bottle network.

There are currently 2 full Civic Amenity Centres(Recycling Centres) operating within Dublin City and a further 9 are Bring Centres at a Community Level. Recycling Centres and Bring centres are distinct from bottle banks/bring banks in that they are generally located within purpose built sites, are manned by permanent staff – either from the Local Authority or Private Contractor, have restricted opening hours and accept an extensive range of materials.

So the recycling system that Dublin City Council operates can be broken into the following 3 streams: Civic Amenity Centres, Community Bring Centres and Bottle Banks.

To find out more about opening hours, accepted materials etc please click on the links below:

Civic Amenity Sites(CA Sites),  Community Bring Centres and Bottle Bank Locations

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