Street Sweeping

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Dublin City Council’s Street Sweeping Schedule application is currently unavailable due to essential maintenance and will be unavailable for a couple of weeks while these issues are resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause. If you have any queries regarding street sweeping in your area you should contact your local cleansing depot or alternatively you can contact:

  • Dublin City Council
  • Waste Management Services
  • 68 - 70 Marrowbone Lane
  • Dublin 8

Dublin City Council’s overall objective is to keep the City clean and to manage litter using modern and effective street cleansing techniques.



Image from 1960s Litter awareness campaign

Litter prevention and awareness, involvement of business and the public are key to keeping Dublin City clean.
Street sweeping in the1960’s. The goal now is the same as it was back then. Manual work and equipment are used to sweep and clean the streets.  

Image of 1960's litter truck

Today a modern fleet of cleaning vehicles, technology and equipment are used. This helps provide a highly efficient and flexible standard of service
 Image of modern street cleaner  Image of modern road cleaner


Street Sweeping Information

  • Within the Dublin City Council area there are over 3,500 streets
  • Streets are organised into Street Sweeping Categories:




Area Description


Sweeping Frequency


Cat A


Main City Centre Streets, High Footfall Areas

(E.g. Grafton Street, Henry Street...)

Daily +


Cat B


High Footfall: Other City Centre Streets, Suburban Villages, Neighbourhood Shopping Areas. (Northside and Southside)



Cat B (1)


Medium Footfall: DART and LUAS approach roads, Major Thoroughfares



Cat C


Residential/Industrial Areas




Frequencies above are a minimum for that category; there are streets where that frequency is exceeded on a daily basis.

  • Category A and B streets are a priority.
  • Autumn and Winter: Street sweeping resources may be redeployed from Category C because of snow, ice and leaf fall.

For more information

Dublin City Council
Waste Management Services
68 - 70 Marrowbone Lane
Dublin 8

Tel: (01) 222 1000
Fax: (01) 454 4830  or (01) 222 4509