Variation to Waste Management Plan

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The four Dublin Local Authorities have varied the Waste Management Plan for the Dublin Region 2005-2010 to ensure its ambitious recycling targets of 59% are met.   The Variation is in line with the requirement of Irish and EU Law. The Variation inserts an objective in the Plan that the collection of household waste from single dwelling households (other than those in purpose built apartment blocks) will be carried out by the Local Authorities or that the Local Authorities will make arrangements by way of a public tendering process for the collection of such household waste (which may be on a geographical or area basis).  On behalf of the four Dublin local authorities, Dublin City Council will now review the waste permits for the 100 or so companies who collect household waste in the Dublin region. At the end of this process, residents in the four local authority areas will be informed of any proposed changes to their current arrangements.
“The recent entry of private operators to a section of the Dublin household waste market is unsustainable,” says Matt Twomey, Assistant City Manager.  “The Dublin local authorities fund a waiver scheme for about 70,000 low income families in the region, to make sure everyone has a waste collection service.  They also fund waste prevention and waste awareness programmes, employ enforcement teams to catch those who dump their waste illegally, fund recycling centres, bring centres and glass banks for householders, as well as  the award-winning website with its very popular “free-trade” facility.   The Local Authorities provide a clean up service in respect of dumped household waste which can be a serious source of environmental pollution.  The private sector does not provide any of these essential services.”
The Variation will ensure that these services will continue to be provided and that the attainment of the ambitious targets for reduction, re-use and recycling (59%) in the Regional Plan are not put at risk.
The sustainability and environmental costs for multiple service providers operating on the same collection routes is not sustainable “on traffic congestion, noise, air quality, green house gas emissions or economic grounds”, noted Mr Twomey. 
“The recent commencement of the collection of glass by some private operators is also unsustainable”, he said.  “Glass, when collected with other dry recyclables not alone contaminates the other materials but makes the recycling of glass as glass packaging virtually impossible.  Similarly the mixing of glass of different colours in one bin is also a waste of a valuable resource as it can be only used as a road base material.” 
The Dublin Local Authorities have considered all the submissions made to them, have taken legal advice and have consulted with the European Commission and remain of the view that the Variation of the Waste Management Plan is both reasonable and necessary to achieve the objectives set out in the Plan and to address the environmental and social concerns identified in the reports published as part of the public consultation process.
Details of the Variation and associated documentation are available here

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