Regulations, Bye-laws and Codes of Practices

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If you’re an owner or occupier of a property or you install or maintain plumbing systems and water fittings you have a legal obligation to the requirements of the Water Byelaws and Plumbing Regulations. In addition, architects, developers, plumbers and builders need to ensure the requirements are met for future owners or occupiers

In the event that the plumbing in your premises does not conform to the above requirements you are advised to     contact our Plumbing Inspectorate at the details below for information and advice on the installation of storage tanks, plumbing regulations and general plumbing advice.

Code of Practice for the Laying of Distribution Watermains

In general, we install the connection to the public water pipe plus a meter (for non-domestic customers only) and associated fittings. We also lay a service pipe as far as the boundary to your premises.

However, if you notify us that you wish to undertake the installation yourself, the watermains and service pipes must be laid in accordance with the ‘Specification for the Laying of Distribution Watermains’.

For more information

Irish Water Contact Details:

Twitter:  @IrishWater
Telephone: 1850 278 278 (LoCall)
Minicom:  1850 378 378
(For hearing impaired customers with minicom equipment)
Postal Address: Irish Water, PO Box 860, South City Delivery Office, Cork City

Please continue to contact Dublin City Council for information or issues relating to business account queries, surface water drainage and flood management.