Preparing for Bad Weather

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How to prepare for bad weather

Weather is the one thing you can’t control. But you can control how you are prepared for bad weather. In the event that we get another severe cold spell this winter there are a number of steps you can take to help:

  1. Do not leave taps running to prevent frozen pipes. Leaving taps running increases the demand on the water network, which will end up prolonging the problem. Instead you should prepare your pipes for winter
  2. Report any suspect leaks by contacting Irish Water at the details below.
  3. Continue to conserve water. You don’t have to make any major lifestyle changes to make a difference. By making small changes to some of your daily activities we can significantly reduce the volume of water we waste. See for more information.
  4. Keep informed. If it is necessary to introduce water pressure restrictions it is important to know where to find information about affected areas and temporary tanker locations. Updates are posted on
  5. Have some empty 5 litre containers readily available. This might come in useful if you are without water and need to fill from one of our temporary water tankers.

Find out why it is necessary to impose water restrictions during a severe cold spell.

If you are without water for any period of time the following Q&As may be useful.

Find out what to do if your pipes do freeze and how to turn off your water supply

For more information

Irish Water Contact Details:

Twitter:  @IrishWater
Telephone: 1850 278 278 (LoCall)
Minicom:  1850 378 378
(For hearing impaired customers with minicom equipment)
Postal Address: Irish Water, PO Box 860, South City Delivery Office, Cork City

To report an issue on Water Services please contact IW (Abtran) directly on 1890 278 278 (LoCall)

Please continue to contact Dublin City Council for information or issues relating to business account queries, surface water drainage and flood management.