I have poor water pressure

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The aim is to maintain water pressure in the mains between 12 to 15 metres head. Water pressure is measured according to the force used to move the water from the mains to your pipes. It is measured in metres head, for example one metre head will support a column of water one metre high.

Why do some areas experience higher pressure than others?

Water is distributed to customers through a network of water supply zones. The reservoirs feeding the water supply zones are located at high points. Water is distributed from reservoirs across the zone using a gravity system. Water pressure varies at different location in the zone depending on your property’s elevation and proximity to the reservoir.

Properties in low areas may receive higher water pressure. Properties in high areas may receive lower water pressure.

Does water pressure remain constant?

Pressure varies during the day depending on the demand for water.  When demand is high e.g. in the mornings and early evenings, pressure can be lower than during the rest of the day. 

There can also be variations during dry spells when people are using sprinklers and hose-pipes to water their gardens.  Likewise pressure can vary following a cold spell as a result of leakage due to burst water main or supply pipe.

What causes of low pressure are Irish Water responsible for?

  • Routine maintenance of water mains may result in short-term reductions in pressure. Find out if there is routine maintenance planned in your area;
  • Pumping facilities may not be adequate;
  • The water main may be too small;
  • Leakage, equipment failures or blockages of the service pipe, outside the boundary

What causes of low pressure are the Customer responsible for?

  • A damaged or leaking pipe on private property;
  • A partially closed internal stop tap;
  • Old pipe work on private property, which has become corroded and is restricting water flow.
  • Height of storage tank. For building greater than 2 storeys in height a break tank and booster pump arrangement is required to pump the water up to the storage tank

For some customers the problem is caused by sharing a single supply pipe from the water main. 

  • This can be a problem if the pipe is too small or in poor condition
  • If there is a leak or if customers sharing a supply frequently use water at the same time 

If you suspect that this is the cause of low pressure in your premises please contact Irish Water at the details below

What should you do if you experience low pressure?

  • Check with your neighbours. If houses on your road have a similar problem it is likely that there is general low pressure in the area.
  • Check the Irish Water website. If there is no reference to works in your area, please inform Irish Water of the problem at the details below.

Pressure and flow test

If it is not clear if the cause of low pressure is on the public or private side a pressure and flow test can be carried out at the stopcock outside your house. There is a fee for this service. If the defect is found on public property, it will be rectified and the money will be returned.

Please contact Irish Water for details.

For more information

Irish Water Contact Details:

Web:  www.water.ie
Twitter:  @IrishWater
Telephone: 1850 278 278 (LoCall)
Minicom:  1850 378 378
(For hearing impaired customers with minicom equipment)
Postal Address: Irish Water, PO Box 860, South City Delivery Office, Cork City

Please continue to contact Dublin City Council for information or issues relating to business account queries, surface water drainage and flood management.