Why are water restrictions necessary?

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A cold spell can have severe consequences for the pipe network, leading to unprecedented leakage from burst water mains and pipes on both public and private property.

The extent of the leakage is largely due to the age of the network, with an estimated 1200 kilometres of the network being over 50 years old. In addition to this, demand can rise during a cold spell if taps are left running in an effort to prevent frozen pipes.

The normal demand for water in the Dublin Region is 540 million litres per day. However during a cold spell demand can increase to a staggering 636 million litres. This means that the treated reservoirs empty at a much faster rate than they can fill, which leads to a depletion of the treated water storage reserves. In order to build up our storage levels it is necessary to restrict supply across the Region both during and after a cold spell (restricting supply during the cold spell minimises the impact afterwards).

When water restrictions are put in place it can result in some areas being without water for some time. Water is not turned “on” or “off” in a particular area. Instead water pressure restrictions are put in place. Reducing pressure means that water may not have enough force to travel long distances especially to elevated areas. In some cases neighbouring streets may have water while others do not. This may be because the two streets are in different District Metered Areas and therefore are not supplied in the same way, or it can also happen if there is a leak in the vicinity.

Find out why it takes time for water to return to your taps after pressure restrictions have been lifted.

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