Top tips for reducing water at school

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Top tips for reducing water usage at school

In schools usage above 3.5m3/pupil/year is considered excessive. If your school is using water excessively the following tips should be considered. For further information on reducing water at school please contact us at the details below.

Read your water meter regularly

Record meter readings on a regular basis. This will allow you to identify trends in water consumption. By observing your trends, you will be able to identify changes in water usage that may not otherwise be apparent.

Find out how to locate your meter

Carry out a leak test

A simple leak test will indicate if you are wasting water. This can be done by taking meter readings during a period when your school is unoccupied e.g. over the weekend. If a considerable volume of water is used it is important to investigate the source.

If you have urinals without flush controls, it is a good idea to carry out this test with urinals turned on and off. This will enable you to determine potential savings if flush controls are fitted.

Carry out a water audit

A water audit will allow you to assess your plumbing appliances and fittings for water efficiencies. The Water at School's Pack  is a useful resource.

Eliminate automatic flushing cisterns

Many urinals flush 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year whether there is anyone at work or not! Fit flush controls on urinals.

Check toilet cisterns

Some larger toilet cisterns can continue to work effectively with a smaller flush. Place a displacement device such as a hippo bag (offered free to schools by Dublin City Council) or a bottle of water into the cistern.

New equipment

If possible replace worn out or broken equipment with systems that use water efficiently. When purchasing new equipment make sure it uses water efficiently.

No hose policy

A hose uses 500 litres of water in one hour. Don't use a hose when cleaning paths, patios and driveways. Use a shovel and brush instead.

Watering plants

Select plants that need little water. If possible fit a water butt to collect rainwater to water indoor and outdoor plants.


Involve all staff and pupils and make everyone aware of water conservation. The Water at School's Pack  is a useful resource.

Check overflows

Overflows in storage tanks and toilet cisterns can waste large volumes of water. Check all cisterns regularly and repair if necessary.

For more information

Irish Water Contact Details:

Twitter:  @IrishWater
Telephone: 1850 278 278 (LoCall)
Minicom:  1850 378 378
(For hearing impaired customers with minicom equipment)
Postal Address: Irish Water, PO Box 860, South City Delivery Office, Cork City


Please continue to contact Dublin City Council for information or issues relating to business account queries, surface water drainage and flood management.