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Remedial Action List (RAL) for Public Drinking Water Supplies

Under the 2008 EPA report “Provision and Quality of Drinking Water in Ireland: A Report for the Years 2006-2007 found that 339 public water supplies (36% of the national supply) required examination from source to consumer to determine whether replacements or upgrades were needed, or whether operational practices should be improved.

 The EPA, as part of its supervisory role under the Regulations, has prepared a list of public water supplies where remedial or management action is required to ensure compliance with the requirements of Regulations. This list is called the “Remedial Action List (RAL) for Public Drinking Water Supplies”. The EPA uses the RAL to focus attention on resolving any deficiencies in public water supplies in order to ensure a supply of clean and wholesome drinking water. The list focuses on those issues and parameters of concern as identified in the Annual Reports on the Provision and Quality of Drinking Water in Ireland as issued by the EPA including, in particular,

  • High risk supplies for Cryptosporidium,
  • Failures of the E. coli parameter standard,
  • Elevated levels of chemical parameters,
  • Monitoring results or EPA Audits identified lack of operational control at the treatment plant,
  • Identified by HSE as requiring improvement, Treatment Plant issues
  • Supplies where treatment is inadequate.

The up to date RAL for public water supplies is published on the EPA’s website

 Remedial Action List (RAL) Reports


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