Pressure Management Pilot Project

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Advance Pressure Management System Trial by Dublin City Council

As part of the Dublin Region Watermains Rehabilitation Project, Dublin City Council has decided to trial i2O Water’s Automatic Optimisation flow modulation solution to monitor the impact of improved pressure control on the day-to-day operations of its water network. 

The Automatic Optimisation solution has been installed on two PRVs serving five DMAs in the Donnybrook-Ballsbridge–Sandymount area. Optimisation began in November 2013. Previously one PRV was operating with fixed outlet pressures and the other PRV was operating on a time controller with separate day and night profiles.

One of the objectives for using Automatic Optimisation flow modulation technology is to stabilise the critical point pressure and improve customer service.  Continuous, automatic optimisation delivers a stable target pressure to the customer, driving out excess pressure from pressure managed zones.

Minimising average and maximum pressures reduces leakage and burst frequency, and associated costs for operational tasks, such as repairs and leakage control. Lowering pressures and calming pressure fluctuations also extends the lifetime of mains and service connections. The precise control of pressure delivers a consistent service level to the customer, further enhanced by the automatic re-adjustment of pressures in response to network events or changes in demand characteristics.

As well as Automatic Optimisation of both PRVs, these solutions also provide network visibility and intelligence, and remote control of the PRVs to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Typically a return on investment of 6-18 months has been achieved by water companies operating Advanced Pressure Management systems, including the Automatic Optimisation flow modulation technology as installed in this trial by Dublin City Council. Results from the trial should be available in early 2014