Water, Waste and Environment

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Report litter or pollution to us

Litter is a major  problem in Dublin. We must take action and responsibility to live clean city. One way you can help is to report litter or pollution incidents to us and we can then investigate and fine those responsible. You can also report a litter offence online using our self service portal.

Survey and Mapping

Please click here to find out about our Survey and Mapping Division

Launch of the Eastern-Midlands Draft Regional Waste Management Plan – new region new vision

The Eastern-Midlands Region has launched its Draft Waste Management Plan 2015-2021. Please click here to read more.

Waste Bye-Laws

The City Council has recently adopted  Bye-Laws to regulate  the Storage, Presentation and Collection of Household  & Commercial Waste.  Please click here for further information

Report a faulty drain or sewer

Flood prevention and protection (Click here for More Reports

We have several projects that are designed to reduce the risks to life and property caused by coastal flooding. They will propose solutions as well as an enhanced early warning system for the region.

Following the Dublin City Council Meeting on 7th November 2011 the following two presentations are now available to download:

Visit www.taptips.ie

Water is a precious resource and should be used sparingly. Information about saving water can be found online at www.taptips.ie

Dollymount Promenade and Flood Protection Project EIS Publication

Biodiversity can save Dublin millions

Well-managed biodiversity can help to reduce pollution, control floods, prevent erosion and generally improve the quality of life for you and your family. Over the long run this can save us millions of Euro in infrastructure and health costs.