This year the MakeWayDay campaign goes countrywide with 15 Councils from all over Ireland taking part in National MakeWayDay on Wednesday, 26th September, 2018. 

Local authorities have joined with four leading disability organisations* to call for greater public awareness of the needs of people with disabilities in the public spaces we all share by highlighting obstacles such as:

  • Cars or vans parked on a footpath blocking the way.
  • Bicycle/motorbikes chained to lampposts creating a trip hazard for a visually impaired person.
  • Illegally placed sandwich boards, forgotten bins, barrels and other obstructions.

Pat Nestor, Access Officer with the Council, commented “#MakeWayDay is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the simple actions all of us can take to make our city more inclusive and more accessible for everybody.  An obstacle on the footpath could mean missing that Luas and being late for work or a medical appointment or picking up a child from crèche.  Making Way makes a big difference to everybody, every day.”

Separately Dublin City Council has been working with the developers of the Route4U App, a footpath navigation app currently being piloted in Dublin’s Docklands. Speaking about the App Jamie Cudden, Project Manager with Smart’s Cities, Dublin City Council, said “The Route4U App was the winner of Smart Dublin’s Small Business Innovation Research Wayfinding Challenge with Enterprise Ireland. This innovative App encourages people to report obstacles on footpaths. The information informs route planning and turn-by-turn navigation for wheelchair users, customized to everyone’s own abilities.”


In September, Route4U is going country-wide, in partnership with the Disability Federation of Ireland, through the MakeWayDay campaign.

"Route4U will help build awareness of obstacles and contribute to opening up the city to people with disabilities. Everybody can contribute to improving access and I am delighted to see this innovative use of technology."