Managing our International relationships

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City twinning

Twin cities are a form of legal and social agreement between cities or towns in geographically and politically distinct areas to promote cultural, economic and commercial ties.
We manage relationships with Dublin’s twin cities and examine new twinning opportunities in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

We are currently twinned with four cities:

  • Beijing (The People's Republic of China) - Twinned since 2010
    Formal decision to twin adopted by Dublin City Council at the monthly meeting held on 6th December 2010.
    Twinning Agreement between Dublin and Beijing
    Memorandum of Understanding between Beijing and Dublin
  • Barcelona (Spain) - Twinned since 1998Examples of the items of collaboration that interest the City include:Memorandum of Understanding Dublin and Barcelona March 2013
    • Dublin and Barcelona have been sister cities since 1998.
    • In March of 2013, The Lord Mayor of Dublin and the Mayor of Barcelona signed an addendum to that agreement to revitalise the bilateral links between the two cities.
    • The agreement focused on items such as economic development, e-government, the use of smart technologies in the delivery of services, culture and tourism.
    • An ongoing draft work plan of collaboration will be explored throughout the duration of the agreement up until and including 2016.
    • Share knowledge/best practice around Digital technologies under the City Protocol Society, which is led by Barcelona, and under the Digital Maturity Model.
    • Learn from Barcelona’s experience in attracting Chinese investment into their port.
    • Exchange information on Barcelona’s experience in developing the Cruise Liner industry as a potential model for Dublin.
  • Liverpool (United Kingdom) - Twinned since 1997.
  • San José (United States of America) - Twinned since 1986
    The San Jose & Dublin Sister City relationship was initiated in 1986. The program, known as “twinning” in Ireland, has evolved over the years to be one of the strongest sister city linkages worldwide and develops cultural, economic, artistic and sporting ties between San Jose/Silicon Valley and Dublin.

    Signing of City Twinning with San Jose in 1987

    Signing of MOU with Beijing in 2012

    Dublin and it's global Twin Cities....

    Membership of International Networks

    Dublin city is a member of many international networks. The main benefit of membership and involvement in these networks is building bi-lateral links with with sister cities across the globe and also raising the profile of Dublin city.
    These networks include:

    Eurocities brings together local governments from more than 140 cities in over 30 European countries. Eurocities provides a platform for members to share knowledge, to exchange experiences and to analyse common problems and develop solutions. Eurocities was founded in 1986. Dublin became a member of Eurocities in 2000.
    The City Protocol Society is a global community of cities, corporations, academic and nonprofit organizations collaborating to help cities overcome their challenges together and enable the development of more sustainable, efficient and innovative solutions for cities. Dublin has been a member of City protocol since it's establishment in 2012 and a board member of the City Protocol Society since 2014.
    Better cities for everyone, worldwide, Built by cities working and learning together.
    27 European Union capitals are members of the Union of Capitals of the European Union (UCEU). The Union was established in 1961 to encourage linkages and develop solidarity between these cities. Dublin held presidency of the Union in both 2008 and 2014.
    The UCEU conducts studies, organises meetings and proceedings to promote economic, social and cultural progress of the citizens of the capitals of the European Union.
    The Cities of the Isles (COTI) network evolved from the Irish Sea Partnership (ISP) which was established in 1998. The ISP involved Belfast, Dublin and Liverpool, three Celtic cities separated by a narrow strip of water. Nowadays the membership of COTI consists of Dublin, Liverpool, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Each year COTI members convene in one city to discuss relevant city topics and seek a shared solution.

    Dublin is also a member of the following International Networks (to mention but a couple..):


Civic Delegations

The International Relations Unit welcomes and hosts many delegations to the city each year, all of whom wish to hear about Dublin from economic or cultural viewpoints.

The International Relations Office organizes and manages the visits of an average of 60 major delegations to Dublin annually. Recent ones include representatives and Senators from New York State; local authority staff from Denmark and a delegation of 14 business leaders from China.

City Council takes the lead in managing these delegations and brings in key stakeholders as appropriate.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and many of the Embassies based in Dublin now, as a matter of course, liaise with International Relations seeking assistance with incoming delegations to Dublin. Many of the delegations comprise of Mayors, Governors and very senior officials from countries such as China, Russia, South America and many European countries.

Delegations from Berlin, Beijing, Reykjavik, Rotterdam, St Petersburg, Tbilisi, San Jose, Beijing, to name but a few, have recently been accommodated by International Relations in recent times.

A Civic Delegations Officer role exists with the International Relations Unit to assist all delegations with the visit request process and with their visit to our city.

Civic Delegations Officer: Ms Fiona Healy

If you wish to arrange a Delegation Travel request to come to Dublin please fill out the online form