Mansion House Turns Magenta for World Sepsis Day

To mark World Sepsis Day, the lord Mayor of Dublin Paul Mc Auliffe is turning the Mansion House Magenta.

The Lord Mayor said “the tragic passing of a popular and talented young Dublin man, Sean Hughes or ‘Lil Red’ as he was fondly known as, is one of the main reasons we are turning the Mansion House magenta.”

Sean’s family and I would like to encourage people to always consider ‘Could it be Sepsis’?  The family have worked extremely hard to raise awareness of Sepsis since Sean’s tragic death.  "Sean’s parents, Karen and Joe, will join me in turning on the lights at the Mansion House today”, said the Lord Mayor.

Sepsis can develop from any infection and can affect anyone, but the disease is more common in people with pre-existing medical conditions, the elderly and the very young. One in five people who develop sepsis will die, but with early recognition and treatment the risk can be reduced.

According to the latest inpatient figures provided by the HSE, last year alone, 15,379 inpatients were diagnosed with sepsis in Ireland.  We need to start a discussion about sepsis to raise further awareness to make sure people are aware of the signs to look out for the disease.

The Lord Mayor added, “The increase in the number of cases diagnosed as sepsis is a consequence of increased sepsis education, the action of the local hospital sepsis committees, clinician engagement with more accurate coding and therefore reporting.”

The Lord Mayor put forward the motion to Dublin City Council in February that World Sepsis Day would be recognised by turning council buildings Magenta today.