Media Statement on Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Services

The recently published Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) report on Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Services highlighted the urgent need for greater cooperation at all levels between the National Ambulance Service (NAS) and Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) in order to ensure a seamless, responsive and safe emergency ambulance service in the Dublin region. In particular, it called on the NAS and DFB to work collaboratively to provide a safe emergency pre-hospital care service and to put in place risk mitigating measures to achieve this.
In response to the recommendations of the HIQA report agreement in principle has been reached between the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Chief Executives of the four Dublin local authorities on the following changes:
the NAS Emergency Operations Centre in Tallaght will assume responsibility for call taking in respect of all emergency ambulance calls in the Dublin region, 
the NAS Emergency Operations Centre in Tallaght will assume responsibility for the dispatch of the emergency ambulance resources of both the NAS and DFB and 
DFB’s emergency ambulance resource will be subject to an integrated clinical governance structure under the NAS. 
DFB fire appliance resources will continue to be deployed in support of the emergency ambulance services as required.
The HSE and DCC have jointly agreed to establish an HSE/DCC Implementation Group to examine ways to progress these proposed changes over a period of six months. As is the requirement under the Haddington Road Agreement, DCC and the HSE will engage in detailed consultation with staff and their representatives on the implication of the proposed changes for the staff involved.