Introducing Biodiversity

Introducing biodiversity in Dublin City

Biodiversity is the variety of all natural life and the interactions between organisms and ecosystems.  It includes:

Events in Dublin City

Event Application Process

All requests for events in the city including filming, photo shoots, charity and promotional/commercial activity, walks runs, cycles etc. should be sent to

Use the appropriate form below for your event/activity:

The following timelines that should be strictly adhered to when making an application:

Getting Involved in Biodiversity in your neighbourhood

Dublin City has plenty to offer for nature enthusiasts!
If you would like to get more involved in helping to promote biodiversity in your neighbourhood, we are interested to hear from you! Please email us at:
Hands-on activities

Public Event Spaces Information

Invasive Species in Ireland

Invasive Species in Dublin

What are the invasive species in Ireland?

National Special Amenity Area at North Bull Island

A National Special Amenity Area is a designation for a landscape of national importance for its aesthetic/recreational value.

Centenary of Outbreak of First World War 1914

Historical Background

Recreational Facilities

Whats New

Dublin City Parks Strategy 2019-2022

Growing towards a greener and more liveable Dublin City

The first Dublin City Parks Strategy has been published. This document sets out the services and resources of Parks and Landscape Services together with their associated policies and intended actions, all under the vision of “Growing towards a greener and more liveable Dublin City”.