Eaton Square Park

Image of Eaton Square Park

Diamond Park

Image of flowers in Diamond Park

Croppies Park

Image of river that runs through Croppies Park

Coultry Park

Coultry Park is a neighbourhood park of 3.2 hectares in Ballymun designed and constructed by BRL and opened by Dublin City Council in 2007. Coultry Park won the Landscape Award (Dublin Region) in the National Tidy Towns in 2006.
It includes:

Clontarf Promenade

Image of people on Clontarf Promenade

Belcamp Park

Located south of the N32 along the northern boundary of the city, and linking with Darndale Park to the east, Belcamp Park extends to 25 Hectares (62 Acres). Its origins date back to late 17th century when the Lord Mayor of Dublin Sir Humphrey Jervis, erected a house on the property. Henry Grattan is believed to have been there in 1746 and Dean Swift was believed to have been a regular visitor.

Pollinators in City Parks and Gardens

Dublin City parks and gardens provide important habitat for pollinators - mainly insects and bats.  We in turn depend on pollinators for successful crops of fruits and vegetables and also for our native plants to survive.  Why not plant your garden with trees, shrubs, flowers and bulbs to attract these important animals? Our native Irish bee species are in decline, but are worth €85 million to the Irish economy each year, according to the Department of the Environment.

Weeds are plants too

Weeds Are Plants Too! 

History and Function of the Red Stables

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THELASTWORDSHOW – James Merrigan (Ground Floor  and First Floor Galleries)