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"Work without limits" the new Disability Code of Practice for the employment of people with a disability

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Around 10 % of the world’s population live with a disability making people with disabilities  the world’s largest minority group.
Charles Barbier, a captain in the French army developed a way for soldiers to communicate silently in the dark by means of raised dots and dashes on thin cardboard.  He called his system “night writing”.  This system later inspired Louis Braille to experiment with raised dots as the basis of a special alphabet for the blind or vision impaired.

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How do I find out about vacancies in Dublin City Council (DCC)?

Job vacancies are advertised by DCC in the national newspapers (Irish Independent on Thursday and the Irish Times on Friday), on the Internet at and

Careers in Dublin City Council

Dublin City Council is responsible for the management and development of the capital city, providing a wide range of local authority services, including housing, planning and development, roads and traffic, leisure and community services.  Many services are provided on a regional basis including water, drainage and fire and emergency ambulance.

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the recruitment of staff to fill critical vacancies in these service areas.

Dublin City Council is committed to a policy of equal opportunity.

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Dublin City Council is working towards full compliance with National Disablity Authority (NDA) guidelines for public bodies (equivalent to W3C AA level or higher). We endeavour to make the website accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

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