Traveller Specific Social Work Clinics

Traveller Specific Accommodation Area

Local Area Social Work Clinic



Ballyfermot / Clondalkin (Travelling Community)

Dublin South & Dublin South West

Ballyfermot Area Office

Ballyfermot Civic Centre

Dublin 10

T: 01 222 4600


10.00 to 12.00 Noon

Social Work Clinics

Clinics may be cancelled some weeks. Please T: 01 222 2233 to confirm.


Housing Area



Local Area Social Work Clinic








Ballymun (1)

Civic Office side of the road

e.g. Coultry



2nd Floor, Ballymun Civic Centre

Sell your property to us

Dublin City Council purchase new and second hand properties throughout the city. 

If you are interested in selling your property to us, please contact us using the details below, and we will look into buying your house or apartment.

Contact Us

Tel: 01 222 6636 / 01 222 2329 / 01 222 5281

Email: housingdevelopment@dublincity.ie

Group Housing

North Central Area:

  • Cara Park, Belcamp Lane, Coolock, Dublin 17
  • Grove Park, Malahide Road, Dublin 17
  • Northern Close, Belcamp Lane, Coolock, Dublin 17

North West Area:

  • Avila Park, Cappagh Road, Finglas, Dublin 11
  • St Mary’s Park, Dunsink Lane, Finglas, Dublin 11

South Central Area

  • Labre Park, Kylemore Road, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10
  • Kylemore Grove, Kylemore Road, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10
  • Bridgeview, Cloverhill Road, Clondalkin, Dublin

Halting Sites

North Central Area:

  • Tara Lawns, Belcamp Lane, Coolock, Dublin 17

North West Area:

  • St Margaret’s Park, St Margaret’s Road, Ballymun, Dublin 11
  • St Joseph’s Park, Dunsink Lane, Finglas, Dublin 11

South Central Area

  • St Oliver’s Park, Cloverhill Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Housing Land Initiative

Three development sites in prime locations, will be brought to the market by Dublin City Council soon. The sites will offer the potential to provide over 2,000 homes and the opportunity to create three new, high quality urban quarters.

Dublin City Local Economic & Community Plan 2016 - 2021

The Dublin City Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) 2016 – 2021  was developed during 2015 by  Dublin City Local Community Development Committee  and the Economic Development and Enterprise Strategic Policy Committee. It was adopted by  Dublin City Council in December 2015.

Traveller Accommodation Unit

Dublin City Council has provided suitable accommodation for Travellers since 1968. The Traveller Accommodation Unit in Dublin City Council provides accommodation for members of the Traveller community living as tenants on halting sites and group housing estates.

Community Grants

Dublin City Council Community Development Officers work directly with communities in supporting community development. These Community Development Officers liaise with community members from all backgrounds helping to build strong social networks which are essential for viable, inclusive, sustainable communities. They work to give everyone in the community the opportunity to participate in the life of the city and have their voices heard.

Age Friendly City

What is the Age Friendly Programme?

Over the next 30 years the number of people in Ireland over the age of 55 will double and the number over 80 will quadruple. Ireland is now in an ideal position to prepare for successful population ageing.

Ireland’s Age Friendly Cities and Counties Programme is a national programme being rolled out across the country to ensure that our counties, cities and towns are age friendly and meet the needs of older people.