The American Embassy, Ballsbridge

The American Embassy was built in 1964. Its round shape was to remind people of the old Celtic ring forts which can be found all over Ireland.

St Doulagh's Church

St Doulagh's Church probably dates from the twelfth century. St Doulagh was an anchorite which means a type of hermit. A hermit would have hardly any contact with the outside world, eat only basic meals and spend the day praying.

Pearse Street Library

Pearse Street Library was built in 1909. Andrew Carnegie, an American millionaire gave money to help pay for the library. Today there is a public library downstairs and a special study library upstairs. Here you can trace your family tree or look up the history of your area.

St Andrew's Resource Centre

St Andrew's Resource Centre is located in a lovely Victorian building, which was built in 1895. The Centre provides many services for the community: a job centre, home-help service, kindergarten, homework club, youth office, day-centre for older people and an adult education group.

The Moravian Church, Kevin Street

The Moravian Church, built in 1760, is situated on Kevin Street. On the front of the building is a carving of the Lamb of God holding a flag, which is the symbol of the Moravians. The church was closed for religious services in 1959.

Marsh's Library

Marsh's Library was the first public library in Ireland. It was built by Archbishop Narcissus Marsh in 1701.

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St Patrick's Cathedral

St Patrick's Cathedral is one of Ireland's best-known and largest cathedrals. Saint Patrick is said to have baptised people here at a well beside the River Poddle. The river still runs under St Patrick Street near the Cathedral.

Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral was originally a small wooden church built by the Viking King Sitric. It was replaced around 1200 with the beginnings of the stone building we see today. Inside the cathedral is the tomb of Strongbow, the Norman knight who became king of Leinster in 1171

The Iveagh Trust Buildings

The Iveagh Trust Buildings were built by Sir Edward Guinness. He saw that many Dubliners lived in cold and damp rooms without a fire or running water. To help these people he set up the Iveagh Trust in 1890. He also built the Iveagh Baths on Bride Street and the Iveagh Markets on Francis Street.

The Five Lamps

The Five Lamps is a decorative lamp post with five lanterns, which stands at the junction of five streets - Portland Row, North Strand Road, Seville Place, Amiens Street and Killarney Street.