Roads and Traffic

Replace a Tax Document

You can replace any of the motor tax documents listed below. To do so, you must pay the charge shown below:

  • Registration Book: €12
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate: €12
  • Tax Disc: €6
  • Trailer Card: €6

Get a Replacement Document

To apply for a replacement document, follow these steps:

Taxing a Private/Commercial Vehicle

Taxing a Private/Commercial Vehicle for the first time

You can tax a new or imported vehicle for the first time by post, in person or online.

Tax a Vehicle Online

Apply for Motor Tax Online

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Motor Tax

General Data Protection Regulations – Privacy Notice, Motor Tax
Dublin City Council requires customers’ to provide certain personal data in order to carry out our legislative and administrative functions for Motor Tax on behalf of Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport (DTTAS). Dublin City Council will treat all information and personal data you provide as confidential, in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations and Data Protection legislation.

HGV Management Strategy

The Dublin Port Tunnel opened on 20 December 2006 providing direct access between Dublin Port and the national road network for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs). Dublin City Council introduced the HGV Management Strategy to encourage maximum use of the Port Tunnel by port-related traffic and to enhance the city centre environment.

Traffic in Dublin

Plan a road journey in Dublin by using up-to-the-minute information from the Dublin Traffic Control Centre.

If you know of a traffic problem, please tell us about it using the FreePhone number below.

Get the Latest Traffic News

 The Traffic Management  & Incident Centre gives you information about the city's traffic conditions around the clock.

View our YouTube video here:

If you know of a traffic problem, please tell us about it using the FreePhone number below.

How to stay up-to-date

Cranes, Hoists and Vehicles Permits

A permit is required when the positioning of a Mobile Crane/Hoist/Vehicle on a public road or footpath results in obstruction to a lane of traffic or interferes with pedestrian traffic flow.

Getting to Croke Park

How to get to Croke Park?


Croke park is just a 25 min walk from O’Connell Bridge

See where Croke Park is located

Public transport

The best way to get to and from Croke Park on match day is by public transport.

Getting Around Dublin

Best routes for driving through Dublin

If you need to drive through Dublin City, we recommend that you use the following routes: