Roads and Traffic

Speed Limits in Your Area

Dublin City Council has progressively introduced a 30km/h speed limit to many areas of the city. The recent adoption of the 2018 Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws on 2018 led to a further expansion of this speed limit on Thursday 25th October 2018.

Marlborough Street Public Transport Priority Bridge

Dublin City Council is planning to build a new bridge over the River Liffey in Dublin City Centre, just downstream of O’Connell Bridge.  The bridge will carry buses and the LUAS at this critical location across the Liffey.  It will have cycleways and generous footpaths that will open Marlborough Street and Hawkins Street to greater footfall, prospective development and create a new north-south link from Abbey Street to Pearse Street. 

Parking in Dublin

If you drive into Dublin City, you need to know the rules about parking. These rules are intended to help you by:
  • Reducing congestion and road obstructions.
  • Increasing the number of parking spaces available for your use.

Parking in Dublin?

If parking in Dublin City park legally and avoid being clamped.


Permits for Disabled Parking

If you are a driver (or car passenger) with a disability, you can apply for a Disabled Person’s Parking Permit. This gives you special permissions for parking in Dublin. Find out more about these permissions below.

Apply for a permit

To get a permit contact either of the following organisations:

Disabled Drivers’ Association
Co. Mayo
Tel: (094) 936 4266

Taxi Ranks

2015 Taxi Rank Bye-Laws

Taxi Regulation Act 2013

Dublin City Council has made Bye-Laws entitled Dublin City Council Appointed Stands, Street Service Vehicles (Taxi) Bye-Laws 2015 in respect of regulating the location and operation of Taxi Stands in the Dublin City Area. These Bye-Laws are effective from 1st of November 2015.

Please click below to download copy of the Bye-laws and summary of changes.

Start a Parking Scheme

Introduction of a Residents' Permit Parking Scheme

To ask for a Residents’ Permit Parking scheme to be started in your area, follow these steps:

Step 1: Contact us

Contact us directly at the address below. 

Or contact us via your elected public representative.

Report Faulty Traffic Signals

Faulty traffic lights, twisted signal heads, push button faults and push button audio faults can be reported to our traffic control centre 24hrs a day at Free phone 1800 29 39 49 (Note, charges may apply from mobile phones)

Parking for City Residents

Apply for a Residents parking permit

You can buy a Residents’ Parking Permit if you live in an area of Dublin city where a Residents’ Parking Permit Scheme operates and if you qualify for a permit. This permit would allow you to park on the public road in which you live. 

Cranes, Hoists and Vehicles Permits

A permit is required when the positioning of a Mobile Crane/Hoist/Vehicle on a public road or footpath results in obstruction to a lane of traffic or interferes with pedestrian traffic flow.

Refund Your Motor Tax

You can apply for a refund on your motor tax if your vehicle has been: