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Dublin City Neighbourhood Awards

Dublin City Neighbourhood Awards 2017

The Dublin City Neighbourhoods Competition is run by the City Council to acknowledge in a meaningfully way the work done across the city by communities to enhance their neighbourhood. At a corporate level, the competition is used to foster a sense of civic pride, place and community and also to promote environmental awareness.

Lead Pipe Replacement Grant

If you plan on replacing all the lead drinking water pipes both sets of pipes must be replaced for your drinking water to have a lead level that will probably be below the legal limit.

Schedule of contributions from Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd. to Community Fund

Payment Schedule Amount
31 October 2014 €178,553
31 January 2015 €970,623
30 April 2015 €991,385
31 July 2015 €1,157,480
31 October 2015 €1,812,521
31 January 2016 €1,265,443
30 April 2016 €1,406,624
31 July 2016 €623,897

Committee Newsletters

CGLC Newsletter Issue 2 March 2017

Newsletter January

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Dublin Waste to Energy Project Update

Community Gain Liaison Committee Meetings

Meeting Minutes

Community Gain Catchment Area

The local area to benefit generally from the Scheme shall comprise the areas of Irishtown, Ringsend and Sandymount – as outlined in the yellow shaded area on the map below.

Community Gain Grants Scheme 2016

Community Gain Liaison Committee Projects Grant Scheme 2016 for the Irishtown, Ringsend and Sandymount Catchment Area Annual Report

Projects Grant Scheme 2016 for the Irishtown, Ringsend & Sandymount Catchment Area

Community Gain Fund

A Community Gain Fund has been established by Dublin City Council in accordance with statutory approvals obtained for the Waste to Energy project. The fund will be administered by the Community Gain Liaison Committee and will consist of:

Committee Membership

Dublin City Council has established a Community Gain Liaison Committee in accordance with statutory approvals obtained for the Waste to Energy project. The Committee will be responsible for administering the Community Gain Fund and for decisions on projects to be supported by the fund. In addition, the Committee will act as a liaison between Dublin City Council and the local community in relation to ongoing monitoring of the construction/operation phases of the facility.

The committee consists of:


Peter McLoone