Water, Waste and Environment

Managing our Water Supplies

Water is supplied in Dublin on a Regional basis. The Region includes all of Dublin City and County and parts of Wicklow and Kildare. On a typical day 540 million litres of water is collected from our rivers, cleaned and made safe to drink at four main treatment plants. Three of these treatment plants are operated by Dublin City Council on behalf of Irish Water at Ballymore Eustace (Liffey), Roundwood (Vartry) and Ballyboden (Dodder). Fingal County Council operates the treatment plant at Leixlip (Liffey) on behalf of Irish Water.

Regulations, Bye-laws and Codes of Practices

If you’re an owner or occupier of a property or you install or maintain plumbing systems and water fittings you have a legal obligation to the requirements of the Water Byelaws and Plumbing Regulations. In addition, architects, developers, plumbers and builders need to ensure the requirements are met for future owners or occupiers

Planning conditions and considerations

Search for Planning Approval

Planning checklist:

  1. Have you considered rainwater harvesting?

How do I turn off my water supply

Homes typically have an internal and an external stop cock. Water can be turned off by rotating the stop cock in an clockwise direction.

Internal stop cocks can usually be found in the pipework under your kitchen sink or in the downstairs bathroom or cloakroom. They are sometimes located in basements.

Beating bogus callers

If we are carrying out monitoring, repair, or maintenance work, our employees may need access to your property. Unfortunately bogus callers can sometimes call to your property claiming to be from Dublin City Council’s Water Services.

Customers should always beware of bogus callers claiming to be from Dublin City Council Water Services.

Who is responsible for the pipework coming into my property

Preparing for Bad Weather

How to prepare for bad weather

Weather is the one thing you can’t control. But you can control how you are prepared for bad weather. In the event that we get another severe cold spell this winter there are a number of steps you can take to help:

Education resources

Education Resources

I have no water supply

If you have lost your water supply it could be for a number of reasons. The following information may help you to identify the problem. If not please contact Irish Water immediately at the details below.

What is being done to ensure the quality of your drinking water?

Samples are routinely collected from the treatment plants, service reservoirs and randomly selected customer properties.

Authorised Dublin City Council personnel working for the Central Laboratory who all carry identity cards collect these samples.