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Find out about your water meter

Water Meters

A water meter will record the volume of water used at your premises. In general you will have a water meter on each supply feeding your premises. Each meter has a unique serial number.

Water saving devices

There are many water saving devices available on the market. Most are available as both new and retrofit products. The following is just a sample of what is currently on the market.

It is important to seek advice from a professional before fitting any water saving device.

Maintenance of all water saving devices is critical. Water saving devices that are not maintained properly can result in water wastage.

I have a water leak on my property

I have a leak on my property

Why does it take time for water to return to my tap after water pressure restrictions have been lifted?

In order to minimise the impact on customers pressures are generally reduced at night time, with restrictions being lifted as much as possible during the day. However if you are in an affected area and are without water it may take some time for water to return to your tap. This is because it takes time for the water to travel from the reservoirs through the network of over 2,700km of water mains before reaching your tap.

Grey Water Reuse

What is grey water reuse?

Grey water is the collected wastewater from baths, showers and hand basins. Personal bathing habits will influence the potential quantity available for saving mains water. The most common method of re-using grey water is to carry relatively clean water used for washing or rinsing outside and use on the garden.

How is water treated?


I have poor water pressure

The aim is to maintain water pressure in the mains between 12 to 15 metres head. Water pressure is measured according to the force used to move the water from the mains to your pipes. It is measured in metres head, for example one metre head will support a column of water one metre high.

Why do some areas experience higher pressure than others?

Where does my water come from?

Irish Water Metering Project

Irish Water was established by the Water Services Act 2013. later in the year, the Water Services (No. 2) Act resulted in Irish Water becoming the single Water Authority from 1st January 2014.

Irish Water is responsible for the installation of water meters for Domestic Customers.  Over 1 million water meters will be installed outside domestic residences on the public water mains over the next three years.

Top tips for reducing water at school


Top tips for reducing water usage at school