Water, Waste and Environment

Interesting facts about water

  • Water is the most common compound found on Earth.
  • Four fifths of the Earth’s surface is covered in water.
  • 99% of the World’s water cannot be used because it is either saline or is locked up in glaciers and ice sheets.
  • Most of the remaining water is present in rocks as groundwater (approx. 0.6%), while just over 0.3% is present in rivers and lakes.

Problems with your water supply

On a typical day 540 million litres of water is collected from our rivers, cleaned and made safe to drink at four main treatment plants in the Dublin Region at Ballymore Eustace (River Liffey), Roundwood (River Vartry), Ballyboden (River Dodder) and Leixlip (River Liffey).

Occasionally, however, drinking water is not up to standard and this can be for a variety of reasons.

How is water pressure managed?


How is pressure managed?

How can I conserve water at work?

Water is a valuable resource, yet we often take it for granted. Use less water and reduce the cost of your water bill, reduce your energy bills and show your organisation cares about the environment. Using less water will also ensure there’s plenty to go around for all of us.

Water quality

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Water Quality

 How do I report a leak?

To report a fault or seek an emergency repair phone Irish Water at the details below.

How do I find out more about my water pressure?

Water Charging and Metering

Domestic Customers

Irish Water was established by the Water Services Act 2013. Later that year, the Water Services (No. 2) Act 2013 resulted in Irish Water becoming the single Water Authority from 1st January 2014.

Information About the Water Supply During Times of Disruption

Why does my Water not come back on at the times advertised?

If we operate the water valves at 8pm & 7am to manage supply, some people may not see the affect at their supply for some time afterwards. This is down to the location of the property relative to the valve. In order words, we may turn the water back on at 7am but it will take time to travel through the distribution system. Residents living closest to the valve will get water first. 

Frequently asked questions on water quality problems

Frequently Asked Questions

The following information may help you to diagnose problems that can sometimes be seen or tasted in tap water, and includes some simple checks or measures you can carry out.

If after reading this guidance you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Irish Water at the details below.

How can I conserve water at home?