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EPA - Remedial Action List


Remedial Action List (RAL) for Public Drinking Water Supplies

Why are water restrictions necessary?

A cold spell can have severe consequences for the pipe network, leading to unprecedented leakage from burst water mains and pipes on both public and private property.

The extent of the leakage is largely due to the age of the network, with an estimated 1200 kilometres of the network being over 50 years old. In addition to this, demand can rise during a cold spell if taps are left running in an effort to prevent frozen pipes.

How can I minimise the risk of frozen pipes?


How can I minimise risk of frozen pipes?

Dublin Region Water Conservation Project

The Dublin Region Water Conservation Project was led by Dublin City Council and along with Wicklow, Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown, South Dublin, Fingal and Kildare County Councils put in place a network of water meters and telemetry to track the distribution of water throughout the Dublin Region. The project costing in the region of  €47 million reduced leakage from 42.5% to 28%.

Builders and Developers

These pages contain all the information for building and planning matters related to the Dublin City water network.

At School

By making a few small changes, schools can significantly reduce their water usage, which is good for the environment and good for the pocket too!


Irish Water is the new national water utility and is now responsible for managing the delivery of water services to homes and businesses in Ireland. For further information or to report an issue with:

  • Water supply
  • Water quality
  • Wastewater 

Please contact Irish Water:

Green Waste Charges

Dublin City Council accepts Green Garden Waste at the following Bring Centres & Recycling Centres:


Sutton to Sandycove Promenade and Cycleway (S2S)

Sutton To Sandycove Promenade and Cycleway (S2S)

The Dublin Regional Authority (DRA), the authority responsible for promoting co-ordination, co-operation and joint action among the public services and local authorities in the Dublin region, Dublin City Council (DCC) and Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown County Council (DLRCC) undertook studies into the possibility of developing a single cycleway and promenade along the coast of Dublin Bay from Sutton to Sandycove.

Free Trade

Free Trade Ireland is an innovative web-based service, which encourages and facilitates the reuse of household and business items.

Free Trade Ireland is simple and easy to use. Users wishing to advertise an item are required to become a member of the site. Item details can be posted through a number of simple steps in a secure environment for the user