Water, Waste and Environment

Green List Waste

Green Listed waste refers to shipments of non-hazardous waste for recovery within and from the EU.
The following links contain more information on the classification of Green List Waste, procedures for export and details of the fee structure in place from the 12th July 2008.

Completing the Notification and Movement Documents

The information contained in ANNEX IC of the Regulation (EC) No. 1013/2006 relates to specific instructions for completing the notification and movement documents.

Please click on the link below to view ANNEX IC:

Shipments from Ireland to Non-OECD Countries

Exports to Non-OECD Countries

Under Article 37 of the new Waste Shipping Regulations 1013/2006 a questionnaire was sent to all countries in which the OECD Decision does not apply seeking confirmation of the procedure of export to these countries. Each country's response can be found by clicking on the website link below (information website only to ensure compliance with legislation and wishes of the country of destination):

Waste Classification Codes

Source Documents for Waste Codes

The various waste codes to be listed in Box 14 of the Notification and Shipment documents, and Box 10 of the Annex VII form can be sourced from the following documents.

Guidelines for Exporting or Importing Waste

NTFSO Guidance Document

A guideline document has been prepared to facilitate your understanding of the TFS Regulations. The information contained within the guidelines does not purport to provide, and should not be relied upon as, a legal interpretation of the Regulations.

To view the TFS guidelines please click on the link below:

National TFS Office

TFS (TransFrontier Shipments) Regulations and Procedures

Living in Apartments


Every building structure, including apartment buildings, must comply with certain legal requirements regarding fire safety.
In particular, building design must ensure that all persons are able to safely evacuate (or remain safely in their own unaffected apartment) in the event of fire and allow the fire services to access the premises in order to put the fire out.

Fire Brigade Complaints

Fire Safety Advice


The Fire Brigade provides Fire Safety advice and runs Fire Safety advice initiatives to highlight the dangers of fire and to provide any advice and help we can.

The 3 Golden Rules 

1. Escape Drill – plan and practice
2. Smoke Alarm – have two and test regularly
3. Survey your home and implement fire safety measures

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