Water, Waste and Environment

Guidelines for Exporting or Importing Waste

NTFSO Guidance Document

A guideline document has been prepared to facilitate your understanding of the TFS Regulations. The information contained within the guidelines does not purport to provide, and should not be relied upon as, a legal interpretation of the Regulations.

To view the TFS guidelines please click on the link below:

NTFSO Waste Shipment Registers

The National TFS Office maintains records for all amber waste import and export shipments which take place in a particular calendar year. A record is also maintained of all Green List Waste returns filed with the office by registered Brokers/Dealers. The latest registers are available below.

National TFS Office

Brexit Briefing Note

TFS (TransFrontier Shipments) Regulations and Procedures

Fire Safety at Work

 Read Legislation relevant to Fire Safety in the Workplace

Three golden rules:

1. Look around your workplace - eliminate the hazards

Derelict Sites

The Derelict Sites Act defines a derelict site as any land that “detracts, or is likely to detract, to a material degree from the amenity, character or appearance of land in the neighbourhood of the land in question because of ”:

  • Structures which are in a ruinous, derelict or dangerous condition, or
  • The neglected, unsightly or objectionable condition of the land or of structures on it, or
  • The presence, deposit or collection of litter, rubbish, debris or waste

Report a derelict site

Useful Links

Links to Sustainability Resources

European and International Policy on Climate Action

Ireland is a party to both the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol, which together provide an international legal framework for addressing climate change.

The Paris Agreement which entered into force in November 2016 aims to restrict global temperature rise to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.  Ireland’s contribution to the Paris Agreement is via Nationally Determined Contributions which are binding EU targets to ensure a reduction of at least 40% in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

Completing the Notification and Movement Documents

The information contained in ANNEX IC of the Regulation (EC) No. 1013/2006 relates to specific instructions for completing the notification and movement documents.

Please click on the link below to view ANNEX IC:

Green List Waste

Green Listed waste refers to shipments of non-hazardous waste for recovery within and from the EU.
The following links contain more information on the classification of Green List Waste, procedures for export and details of the fee structure in place from the 12th July 2008.

End of Life Vehicle Regulations

End-of-Life Vehicles

The European Union (End of Life Vehicles) Regulations 2014 (SI No 281 of 2014) as amended came into effect on 30 July 2014. The Waste Management (End of Life Vehicles) Regulations were introduced in Ireland in 2006. The purpose of the Regulations is to ensure that old end-of-life vehicles are de-polluted and dismantled in a manner that will not pose a threat to our environment or to human health.