Water, Waste and Environment

Waste Classification Codes

Source Documents for Waste Codes

The various waste codes to be listed in Box 14 of the Notification and Shipment documents, and Box 10 of the Annex VII form can be sourced from the following documents.

Eastern Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management Study

A national programme of CFRAM Studies has being commissioned by the Office of Public Works (OPW).   The CFRAM Studies are the principle vehicle for meeting the requirements of the EU Floods Directive and are in line with current National Flood Policy.  In brief, the CFRAM Studies programme has three principal milestones:

Lnight 2011 Contours

Night time (Ln) Sound Levels in Dublin from Traffic

For those who do not wish to download Google Earth to their computer to view our noise maps on our main page, this page provides an alternative plug-in which allows our sound contour files to be viewed. It is best viewed at maximum view and then ‘zooming out’ to the location you wish.

Pay or Appeal a Litter Fine

Pay or appeal a litter fine

Litter is a major problem in Dublin. To change the behaviour of some people and businesses, our Litter Wardens issue fines against those who have been caught littering.

Pay a litter fine

If you have been issues with a litter fine, you can pay the penalty by contacting us at the address below.

Proposal to Designate Areas as Quiet Areas

Dublin City Council has identified 8 areas for nomination to the Minister for Environment, Community & Local Government for delimiting as ‘Quiet Areas’.

The eight areas are:

Noise Action Plan for the Agglomeration of Dublin , December 2018 – July 2023

Dublin Agglomeration Noise Action Plan

On foot of the revision of the Dublin Agglomeration Noise Maps in 2017 the four local authorities within the Dublin Agglomeration carried out a review of the Noise Action Plan 2013-2018.

Green Waste Charges

Dublin City Council accepts Green Garden Waste at the following Bring Centres:


  • 49 –51 Windmill Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12
  • Rathmines Waste Management Depot, Gullistan Terrace, Dublin 6


Brokers and Dealers Registration

The Waste Management (Registration of Brokers and Dealers) Regulations 2008 (S.I. No. 113 of 2008) provides for the introduction of a registration system for waste brokers and dealers. These regulations follow on from the Waste Management (Shipments of Waste) Regulations 2007 (S.I. No. 419 of 2007).

Shipments from Ireland to Non-OECD Countries

Exports to Non-OECD Countries

Under Article 37 of the new Waste Shipping Regulations 1013/2006 a questionnaire was sent to all countries in which the OECD Decision does not apply seeking confirmation of the procedure of export to these countries. Each country's response can be found by clicking on the website link below (information website only to ensure compliance with legislation and wishes of the country of destination):

Living in Apartments


Every building structure, including apartment buildings, must comply with certain legal requirements regarding fire safety.
In particular, building design must ensure that all persons are able to safely evacuate (or remain safely in their own unaffected apartment) in the event of fire and allow the fire services to access the premises in order to put the fire out.