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FAQ in relation to Fire Safety Certificates

Fire Safety Legislation

Fire Services Act 1981 & 2003

The current structure of the Fire Service in Ireland is based upon the legislation of the Fire Services Act of 1981 & 2003.
While the "duty of care" in respect to Fire Safety in Buildings rests with the Owner/Occupier under the Fire Service Act, 1981, the Fire Authorities have various powers of inspection and enforcement for Fire Prevention/safety measures in existing Buildings.

Careers in the Fire Brigade

Unfortunately, we are not recruiting at present.

However, you can make sure you are prepared for our next recruiting campaign by reading all the qualification criteria listed below. Vacancies will be advertised in national newspapers and on www.publicjobs.ie

What you can do

Careers in the Fire Brigade fall into 3 categories.

Ambulance Service

Emergency Medical Services

The Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) Emergency Ambulance Service responds to emergency 999 or 112 calls.

Dublin Fire Brigade’s Emergency Medical Service, which is unique in Britain and Ireland, uses the combined strengths of fire service and ambulance service to provide a complete public safety system.

Major Emergency Planning

Framework for Major Emergencies: www.mem.ie
Office of Emergency Planning: www.emergencyplanning.ie

Noise We Don't Deal With

Aircraft Noise Complaints

Aircraft noise is exempt from the EPA Act 1992. The Air Quality Monitoring & Noise Control Unit does not deal with complaints about aircraft. You can contact the Dublin Airport Authority on (01) 814 1111 to advise them of your complaint.

Pluvial Flooding/Wad River

Wad River

Project Background & Current Status

Waste Facility Permit Regulations

The Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) Regulations 2007 (as amended) and Waste Management (Facility Permit) Regulations 2008 (as amended) came in to effect on the 1st June 2008

Dublin City Council is responsible for issuing waste facility permits and certificates of registration in the City Council area.

Household Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste items SHOULD NOT be presented with normal household waste i.e. in the mixed black bin waste for collection. Instead hazardous waste should be separated at source (in the home) and brought to either Ringsend Recycling Centre or North Strand Recycling Centre for safe disposal.

Coastal Flooding Projects