Water, Waste and Environment

Household Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste items SHOULD NOT be presented with normal household waste i.e. in the mixed black bin waste for collection. Instead hazardous waste should be separated at source (in the home) and brought to either Ringsend Recycling Centre or North Strand Recycling Centre for safe disposal.

Coastal Flooding Projects

Household Kerbside Collectors in the Dublin Region

Please see the table below for information regarding Waste Collection Permit Holders who currently provide household kerbside collections in the Dublin Region. Note that this list is subject to change.

To view a copy of any of these permits please visit www.epa.ie/wastepermit/search


Street Sweeping

Dublin City Council’s overall objective is to keep the city clean and to manage litter using modern and effective street cleansing techniques.

Flood Prevention Plans

We are working hard to understand how to prevent flooding in Dublin City and how to protect you if it does occur. To find out how we are addressing flood issues where you live, contact us at the address below for more information. Among the projects we have underway are the following:

Recent Water Quality Monitoring Results

If you have any queries or complaints with regard to drinking water quality, including Recent Water Quality Monitoring Results please don’t hesitate to contact Irish Water at the details below.

For more information

Irish Water Contact Details:

Noise Maps and Action Plans

Under EU Directive 2002/49/EC transposed by SI number 140 of 2006, Environmental Noise Regulations 2006,  the four local authorities, within Dublin (Dublin City Council, Fingal, Dun Laoire Rathdown and South Dublin County Councils), are required to produce ‘Maps’ for noise emanating from major Industry and transport.

Air Quality Monitoring and Noise Control

The work of the Air Quality Monitoring and Noise Control Unit of Dublin City Council includes:

Rainwater harvesting

What is rainwater harvesting?

Water conservation

 Why do we need to conserve water?

With Ireland’s climate, you might think that there is plenty of water to go around with all the rain that we get. But we don’t drink rainwater!