Water, Waste and Environment

WEEE and Householders

From 13th August 2005, householders in Dublin and Nationwide have been able to bring their unwanted WEEE to any of the Local Authority Recycling Centres in Dublin and dispose this type of waste for FREE.  Location and contact details for the City Council’s Recycling Centres are provided below.

Waste Water Services Division

Information Notice: 28/11/2016

The Operator of the Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Works is planning to carry out minor works associated with plant upgrades between Tuesday 29th November and Friday 2nd December 2016.  As a result there may be a risk of a slight increase in odour levels. Every effort will be made to minimise the impact to the public.

Annual Reports

The following documents are available for download:

Charging Structure for Amber and Green Listed Waste

From 1st July 2010, the fees listed hereunder apply for services provided by the National TFS Office in respect of the export and import of waste.


Find a Recycling Centre

Find a recycling centre in Dublin City

Recycling converts old things into new goods. Dublin City Council has a plan to achieve 60% recycling of waste by 2010. You can help by recycling your own rubbish.


Find your local recycling centre

To find your local recycling centre, please click here.


Green-Schools Programme

Dublin City Council is pleased to support schools that are involved in the Green-Schools programme. 

Green List Waste

Green Listed waste refers to shipments of non-hazardous waste for recovery within and from the EU.
The following links contain more information on the classification of Green List Waste, procedures for export and details of the fee structure in place from the 12th July 2008.

Other Flood Defence Unit Works

Sandymount Coastal Flood Defence Scheme

Please see page Sandymount Coastal Flood Defence Scheme

Find out about water charges

What are the charges for 2014?

  The current charges in Dublin City for 2014 for metered water are as follows:

Managing our Water Supplies

Water is supplied in Dublin on a Regional basis. The Region includes all of Dublin City and County and parts of Wicklow and Kildare. On a typical day 540 million litres of water is collected from our rivers, cleaned and made safe to drink at four main treatment plants. Three of these treatment plants are operated by Dublin City Council on behalf of Irish Water at Ballymore Eustace (Liffey), Roundwood (Vartry) and Ballyboden (Dodder). Fingal County Council operates the treatment plant at Leixlip (Liffey) on behalf of Irish Water.