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The Senior Management Group

The Senior Management Group assist and support the Chief Executive in leading the organisation.

Owen Keegan

Chief Executive

Brendan Kenny

Deputy Chief Executive, Housing and Community

Kathy Quinn

Head of Finance with responsibility for ICT

Chief Executive

Chief Executive, Owen Keegan      

Joint Policing Committees

Annual Reports

Dublin City Council Annual Reports

Dublin City Council is legally obliged to prepare and adopt an Annual Report.

The Annual Reports summarise our activity over the previous 12 months and provide a statement of our financial circumstances. A draft report is submitted to the City Council Meeting by May of each year. After adoption by the City Council it is then published.

Housing and Community

The Housing Department is responsible for the management, maintenance and supply of public housing in Dublin City.  The department also has an enforcement role to ensure the quality of accommodation in the private rented sector meets a set of minimum standards.  It is also responsible for community development throughout the city.


Environment & Transportation Department

The Environment and Transportation Department provides engineering services for the city. This includes civil, structural and mechanical engineering, as well as other services. The department is also responsible for developing, maintaining and managing the city’s road network for the benefit of all citizens.

Your Area

Council Services in Your Local Area

Our Local Area Offices provide information about services in your area, local councillors and other Council developments.

Find the Council Offices where you live

Dublin City is divided into 5 administrative areas. These are called Local Areas and are used to co-ordinate the delivery of services into your community.


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Dublin City Council Publications

You can get a variety of publications from Dublin City Council. Many of these are available in hardcopy format or can be downloaded from this website.

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