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Re-use of Public Sector Information

Re-use Dublin City Council's Information

You are entitled to reuse our Public Sector Information, subject to certain conditions on payment of a fee. Public Sector Information (PSI) encompasses all the data created by public organisations in the course of their work. This includes information created by Dublin City Council.

Chief Executive's Department

The Chief Executive's department is responsible for the administration of the Chief Executive’s Office, City Hall, the Lord Mayor and the Mansion House. This department also manages:

Council Departments

Dublin City Council is made up of the following Departments that are responsible for service delivery and general administration.

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Media Relations Office

Dublin City Council’s Media Relations Office has been running for over 30 years and is responsible for:

  • Relations with the media
  • Co-ordinating media events
  • Advertising and PR communications

Media Relations

If you are a member of the press, we can provide you with:

Law Department

The Law Department provides legal services to Dublin City Council, including:

  • Conveyancing, i.e. the process of transferring property ownership from a seller’s name to a buyer’s name.
  • Litigation, i.e. a legal dispute that is argued in court.
  • Specialised areas of local government law.

We do not provide legal advice to the general public. For legal advice you should contact your personal solicitor.

Information Systems Department

The Information Systems (IS) Department delivers information and communications services to Dublin City Council.

Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the management of human resources and industrial relations in Dublin City Council.

Minutes Documentation

About Dublin City Council

Dublin City Council is the democratically elected body that governs Dublin City. We are the largest Local Authority in Ireland.

In this section, you can learn more about how we are organised and about the services we provide to you.

What We Do

What the Council Does For You

You can obtain a wide range of information and services from Dublin City Council: