Message in a Bottle

On Thursday 26th April 2018, Dublin City Council’s Age Friendly Unit launches its ‘Message in a Bottle’ initiative in the Atrium of the Civic Offices, Wood Quay, at 10:00 a.m.
‘Message in a Bottle’ is a simple idea designed to encourage people to keep their personal and medical details on a standard form and in a common location - the fridge.  While it focuses on more vulnerable people in our community, there is a benefit for everyone as accidents can happen to anyone in their home.
Speaking about the initiative, Brendan Kenny, Deputy Chief Executive, Housing & Community Services praised the scheme saying, “The aim of ‘Message in a Bottle’ is to give our neighbours and friends the most efficient care possible and ultimately lead to the saving of lives. With medical details readily available, vital minutes can be saved when treating patients in the event of an emergency.”
10,000 units of ‘Message in a Bottle’ have been ordered. They will be distributed by Housing and Community staff to relevant tenants/groups and members of the general public can pick one up, free of charge, from their local area office.
This initiative is supported by Lions Club International and Dublin Fire Brigade. Photos of the launch are available on request from Media Relations Office.

Notes to the Editor:
The Bottle contains an information leaflet which is kept in a small plastic bottle with a push-fit lid. The bottle is then kept in the fridge, where emergency services will expect to look for it in the event of being called to someone’s home. They will be alerted to your membership of the scheme by two ‘green cross’ labels affixed to the back of the main entrance door and to the front door of the fridge.
In order to aid identification (in the case of there being more than one person living at the premises), there is space on the form for a passport size photograph. Along with this photograph, the information that is required to complete the form is:
•    Your full name and brief physical description
•    Your doctors name and the surgery address & telephone number
•    A brief description of any medical conditions you are suffering from - your doctor or carer will help if you are uncertain
•    The names, addresses and telephone numbers of two persons who may be contacted in the event of an emergency - sudden illness or accident
•    Details of any pets which may be on the premises and need to be cared for
•    Are you a Carer? If so, for whom and where do they live?
As well as this information, it is strongly encouraged to include any repeat prescription list. This information is needed in order to enable paramedics to administer drugs without the risk of drug interaction.