New daily record for dublinbikes – well over 6k journeys taken in one day

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dublinbikes has just announced a new daily record for journeys taken. dublinbikes' members took 6,280 journeys on 13th July, marking another milestone in dublinbikes’ incredible success.  The previous record was 6,043 journeys on 15th April 2011.

dublinbikes is a public bike hire scheme run by JCDecaux (Ireland) on behalf of Dublin City Council. Over 2.3 million dublinbikes journeys have been taken since the scheme was launched on 13th September 2009. dublinbikes has attracted over 59,000 members – about two thirds of whom have taken Long Term (one-year) membership.

Dublin’s Lord Mayor Andrew Montague proposed the dublinbikes scheme. He says “dublinbikes continues to go from success to success. There are now 550 bikes in the scheme operating from 44 stations. This means each bike was used almost 11.5 times on 13th July which is absolutely wonderful to see. It also shows once again the demand for the scheme and expanding it is something I will prioritise as Lord Mayor.”


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For further information contact: Dublin City Council Press Office

Note to the Editor:

Journey times getting shorter: A high-turn over in bike use is central to dublinbikes’ success. Average journey times are now 13minutes (down from 16). As members don’t pay for journeys less than 30 minutes 97 of journeys on dublinbikes have been free.