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The story of the Capital’ is a multimedia exhibition tracing the civic history of Dublin City. The exhibition features artefacts such as the Seal of Dublin City, the Great Mace of Dublin and The Sword of the City. The exhibition traces the civic history of Dublin, beginning as far back as 441A.D. and the first Viking invasion of Dublin. There are interactive screens, video displays, information panels, artefacts and replica models recounting the tumultuous history of the city. Dublin Fire Brigade has a never-before-seen collation of artefacts, personal items, memorabilia, uniforms and letters on display to mark the centenary celebration of the 1916 Rising. There is also one of the original Proclamations from the 1916 Easter Rising on display at City Hall. This Proclamation was donated by the family of Elizabeth O’Farrell, to the people of Dublin, in the 1950s. The Gal na Gréine Flag, otherwise known as the Na Fianna Banner or the Flag of Countess Markievicz, is on loan from the Royal Collection Trust, courtesy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2016. The third room in the exhibition space currently houses a temporary exhibition dedicated to former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Richard P. Gogan.

Admission to the exhibition will be free of charge for the duration of 2016, to mark the commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising.

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The Story of The capital