North Bull Island Volunteer Programme launches

Would you like to help promote and protect this area of outstanding beauty?

The North Bull Island (NBI) is a unique attraction within Dublin City centre. Apart from the many habitats and species it supports, it is a special amenity area and is enjoyed by Dubliners and visitors alike all year round. The NBI is managed by Dublin City Council and we aim to promote a healthy balance between the amenity, recreational and economic potential of the Island and its ecological, cultural and educational importance.

To help achieve this balance we are putting in place a North Bull Island Volunteer Programme. Members of the public are asked to get involved by joining our team of volunteers to help with the promotion and management of the Island which forms an integral part of the Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere.

All details of the North Bull Island Volunteer Programme, including details of the type of activities that may be involved, are on
Applications must be received on or before Friday, February 24th 2017.

To apply please email:  Or write to: North Bull Island Volunteer Programme, Parks & Landscape Services, Dublin City Council, Block 4, Floor 0, Wood Quay, Civic Offices, Dublin 8.  Please include a CV when applying.
Photos of Bull Island available on request.

Notes to the Editor
The objective of the Volunteer Programme is to have a team of volunteers who are interested in promoting the ecological, cultural, and educational values of North Bull Island to fellow visitors, and to assist in the management of responsible outdoor recreation. 

The Volunteer Programme aims to:

  • Assist visitors in appreciating the special ecological and cultural qualities of North Bull Island through education, communication and conservation activities
  • Increase community involvement in, and awareness of, the management of the Island
  • Assist in practical conservation tasks
  • Promote the principles of ‘Leave No Trace’
  • Develop the volunteers own personal understanding, knowledge and sense of belonging to North Bull Island

Personal Attributes
We are seeking self-motivated, outgoing people who are able to communicate to a wide and varied audience. Candidates should have a reasonable level of fitness, be comfortable in working outdoors on an undulating landscape, and enjoy meeting and working with people, and providing assistance in a polite and constructive manner.

While no formal qualifications are required, candidates must have a love of nature and outdoor recreation, and demonstrate competence in interpersonal skills, organisation and teamwork. Any previous experience or knowledge in the following areas would be an advantage: facilitating/ leading groups; working with young people; history/ ecology of North Bull Island; field experience of ornithology/ botany/ marine ecology; volunteering or citizen science; teaching or customer care; first aid.

Candidates should ideally live close to North Bull Island or be regular visitors to the Island, however, any candidates (including students) who can commit to a minimum of two days a month (weekends or weekdays) for a twelve month period will be considered. Candidates should demonstrate an enthusiasm to helping Dublin City Council in the stewardship of North Bull Island. Candidates must be over 18 years, however there is no maximum age limit.
For further information, please contact or T (01) 222 3418  or Click on: