Notification of Housing Needs Assessment 2017

Dublin City Council is carrying out its 2017 Housing Needs Assessment.

All housing applicants who applied from the 22nd September 2015 to the 9th June 2016 must return a completed Housing Needs Assessment form on or before 22nd May 2017 to have their application re-assessed for eligibility to remain on the Housing List.  It is essential to notify Dublin City Council of any changes in housing circumstances and to submit supporting documentation.

Details are included in the Questionnaire which is being sent to all relevant housing applicants.  If you do not receive the letter and questionnaire, you can contact 01-2222201.  

Transfer applicants (DCC/HAP/RAS tenants) are not included in this assessment.  All applications will be considered in accordance with the Allocation Scheme 2013.  Failure to respond may result in removal
from the Housing List.