Pay and Display Step by Step

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Follow these steps for How to Use Pay and Display

Step 1: Park in a Pay-and-Display parking space

These spaces are indicated on street signs. Do not park in a space reserved for people with disabilities, unless you can display a proper permit

View a list of places in Dublin where you are not allowed to park.

Step 2: Check the hours during which you have to buy a ticket

These are indicated on street signs, e.g. 7.00am to 7.00pm, Monday to Saturday. Remember, in some areas you have to pay after 7.00pm at night, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays.

Parking is free if:

  • You park outside of the indicated hours.
  • You park on a day of the year when parking is free

See a list of free-parking days on the right.

Step 3: Buy a ticket

If you park within the indicated hours, you must

  • Buy a ticket from a ticket machine located on the street.
    To buy a ticket follow the instructions on the machine. You can pay in cash at the majority of machines. Credit/Debit card payments can also be made at machines on Merrion Square South, Fitzwilliam Square South, Pembroke Street and Hume Street.
  • Pay by mobile phone.
    To pay by mobile phone, you must first register online with Parking Tag or at 0818 300 161. If you have problems paying by mobile phone you should also contact Parking Tag at that number.
  • Pay at the counter of the nearest Payzone outlet
    Provide your car registration number and the zone where you parked.

If you park within the indicated hours, you must buy a ticket from a ticket machine. These machines are located on the street.

The cost of tickets is explained on the right.

Step 4: Place the ticket inside your car

If you have paid at the ticket machine place the ticket on the dashboard, so that it is clearly visible from the outside.
Please remember:

  • The maximum allowed parking time is 3 hours. 
  • You must vacate a parking space after your ticket has expired. 
  • You must not return to the same street until 1 hour has elapsed.
  • If you still have time left on your ticket you can use it elsewhere (provided you do not park in a more expensive zone).
  • One hour after paid parking controls end at night, you can buy a ticket for the following morning. 
  • You are allowed to park in areas with combined Pay & Display and Residential Permit Parking. Parking spaces are not reserved, so you can park anywhere. Find out more about the residential parking scheme.

What to do if the machine is out-of-order

  • If the machine is out of order, you must find another machine within the same zone (or a higher tariff zone). If this is not possible, contact us at 01 222 2218.

Note: Machines in clearway areas will not accept payment during the restricted times.

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