Plenty of action online with Dublin City Libraries

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School may be just around the corner, but Dublin City Libraries would like to remind everyone that summer is still alive and kicking and that it has plenty of free things for children to do right up to the end of August.

For starters, your child can sign up for a reading card with the Summer Stars Reading programme. This is a great incentive to keep children reading over the summer until they start school, with quizzes, writing competitions, certificates, and chance to win prizes.  Phone or email any city library to get a reading card for your child.

Dublin City Arts and Libraries have pulled together amazing performers, artists and musicians to deliver some wonderful imaginative online events for Creative Hubs and you can still book some of these.

Children can go on a musical journey with a Dublin pigeon, inspired by musician, Thomas Johnston. They can then create their own bird with Duffy Mooney-Sheppard.

If you are a parent of a younger child, you might like to join a visual adventure over two weeks with educator Lucy Hill to find out how to inspire creativity in your child. This is a gift for parents to instill observation skills and response to surroundings in their children (age 2 – 4 yrs).

And there’s more! The libraries’ summer programme which would have had city children flocking to library doors over previous years is now online. Children and families can enjoy video clips of drawing sessions with Alan Nolan, creative writing workshops with Sadhbh Devlin, and plenty of opportunities to explore science.  Older children can learn to code, make podcasts and write their own songs.

So why not get the best out of the summer with and it won’t cost you a thing!