Poolbeg West SDZ

The Poolbeg West Draft Planning Scheme was on public display for a six weeks period from 24th January to 8th March 2017 and a Chief Executive’s report has been prepared in accordance with section 169(3) of the planning and Development Act. This Chief Executive’s Report relates to the submissions received by the City Council on the Draft Planning Scheme and has been submitted to the Members for their consideration.

109 submissions were received on the Draft Planning Scheme during the public display period. The Council wishes to express its appreciation to those who reviewed the draft scheme and made submissions.

Amendments proposed in the Chief Executive’s Recommendations have been assessed for the purposes of SEA and AA. Amendments have also been reviewed taking into consideration the need for additional mitigatory measures, where applicable. As part of the Chief Executive’s report, a report outlining the Environmental Assessments of the proposed amendments for the SEA and AA is prepared.