The Power of Parks

Message from the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Tom Brabazon, on the Power of Parks

At this time of year when spring is in full blossom, our parks and open spaces are a wonderful resource in neighbourhoods. City residents cherish the opportunity that parks provide for exercise and enjoyment. Especially in these difficult times, parks and green spaces are providing much-needed solace to help people cope with the uncertainty of our health crisis, disrupted daily routines and social isolation, helping to sustain our physical and mental health. From small pocket parks to larger parks like St. Anne’s on the northside and Bushy Park on the southside, each play their part in providing an invaluable public amenity.

The role of our local parks as essential infrastructure has never been more apparent as schools and workplaces have shut down and people find themselves isolated and in need of community.

I want to take this opportunity to urge people, if you are visiting our parks to enjoy the fresh air, exercise and clear your mind please observe the recommendations from the Department of Health regarding Covid-19 and we ask that you assist us by observing the required social distancing guidelines. If you are jogging or cycling please give greater space to other park users.

To assist you in knowing just what 2 metres looks like, on the ground we are demonstrating the 2 metre gap required between people at the entrances to parks citywide. Parks are a precious amenity in these times and it is our wish to keep them open so they can continue to enhance our lives. We need the public’s continued co-operation in this regard to ensure that everyone can enjoy them safely.

I would also like to express my sincere thanks to all those involved in providing the many parks that we enjoy throughout the city and my special thanks to those who are working daily to maintain them and keep them open for everyone’s enjoyment. Your challenging job is valued and appreciated by the people of Dublin at this time and I urge the public to support park’s workers by maintaining social distancing thereby ensuring that we can all continue to safely enjoy our parks.