Method Man: Elia Kazan

Kazan Dateline – 10 April 1952, Washington DC. Critically acclaimed film director, co-founder of ‘The Actor’s Studio’ and the darling of Broadway, Elia Kazan, appears before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC). Kazan testifies that he was a member of a clandestine Communist cell in 1934 and names eight fellow actors as his comrades in this revolutionary cadre. Informing on colleagues meant Kazan was free to continue his stellar.

Hitler's Irish Nephew

HitlerWilliam Patrick Stuart-Houston (né Hitler; 12 March 1911 – 14 July 1987) was the half-nephew of Adolf Hitler. William Patrick was the son of Alois Hitler - Adolf Hitler's half brother, and his Irish wife Bridget Dowling and was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England.

His mother Bridget Dowling, met Alois when he was a waiter in the Shelbourne Hotel in 1909; in 1910 they eloped to London, where they married. William Patrick was born the following year.

Dickens.150 years of entertainment.

DickensCharles Dickens, one of the most popular and accessible novelists died 150 years ago in June 1870. His novels are still popular and they have been adapted for television and cinema. They have been turned into popular musicals on stage and screen. Many novelists have acknowledged his influence and expressed admiration for his novels.

Portraits of Women Writers, Activists and Artists in Early 20th Century

Sarah Celia HarrisonIn this episode of the DCLA podcast, Jessica Fahy examines the choices made in the portrayal of significant Irish women by leading artists of the day. How a woman is presented in portraiture says a lot about how society views women at that time, and may even still inform our opinions today, while their self-portraits often reveal their identities as the women saw themselves. 

Survival tips gleaned from Nelson Mandela to get through Covid-19

bookDo you feel like a prisoner?  Are you cocooning, in isolation or finding the 2km rule difficult? On returning from a 2 km walk through Dublin’s Irishtown Nature Park, known for the many species of birds and its richness in fauna and flora, a place for those who like walking trails and thickets with panoramic views across the bay, my thoughts came to those who are cocooning or self isolating.

The many addresses of James Joyce

statueThe world as we knew it has changed rapidly over the past number of weeks as Ireland recorded its first cases of Covid-19. Staying home and self isolation made me think about various addresses I have lived at before, from digs to bedsits and flats. However, Joyce's addresses number far more. Seven St. Peter’s Terrace is the house where Joyce’s mother, May, died. Her death would haunt him for the rest of his life and justifably has the most historic significance.

John McGahern’s Dublin

authorJohn McGahern’s Dublin: the 23rd Annual Sir John T. Gilbert Commemorative Lecture will take place on Thursday 23rd January 2020 at 6pm.

Tim Healy first Governor General of Ireland

TimHealyOn December 6, 1922, the Irish Free State came formally into existence after the Free State Act gave effect to the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

Lost in the Stacks: Essay Collections

Lost in the stacks Welcome to the third entry in our blog series 'Lost in the Stacks' - recommendations by Dublin City Libraries staff exploring overlooked gems and helping you find your next read!

Our entry today comes from one of our wonderful librarians, Jessica, and looks at some of the best essay collections in our libraries!

Suffrage Stalwarts: Anna and Thomas Haslam

Haslam benchStrolling around the centre of St. Stephens Green, amongst the flowers, swans, tourists and lunchtime-time sandwich eaters, stands an unassuming seat which you might easily pass-by without noticing. Going in for a closer look, the curious onlooker will note that this bench is dedicated to one Anna and Thomas Haslam for their tireless work campaigning for equal rights for women.