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What happens when you're gone?

Last will and testamentHave you made a will or even considered making one? 

It is probably one of the most important things to do while you are still in sound mental health.  You can make a will yourself or get legal help from a solicitor to do so.  (I prefer the cheaper method myself!)

For the will to be valid it must be written by an over 18 and must be proved by 2 witnesses. These witnesses cannot profit from your will, and must only see your signature on the document.  They need not see how your fortune, or otherwise, will be parcelled out.



Springboard? What is it. 

Springboard is a new initiative by the Government to re-train and upskill free of charge, those looking for work, whether they are long term unemployed or those who have lost their jobs quite recently.  This training is available free of charge.

The advantages of this initiative is that applicants can still keep all their current benefits and also receive a small stipend while training continues...

County Development Plans? What are they?

dublin development planAre any developments happening in your area? How does your environment impact on you?  Are you interested in urban renewal? What planning if any is proposed for your county? If so, pay attention!

The County and City Development Plans are plans that each Local Authority in the republic must produce by law, every 6 years.  As one Development Plan is produced the draft of the next is underway. A continual process. These documents are pricey for an individual to purchase costing in excess of €200 per Plan, but do not fret.

Dublin City Public Libraries have available a full collection of County and City Development Plans in the Business Information Centre. Just come in and ask us!

Directories and Yearbooks

This is a representative sample of current Irish and International Directories, Guides and Yearbooks for reference in the Business Information Centre, with a brief description of what you can expect to find in them.

Irish, European and International Law Collection

The Business Information Centre holds a core collection of law books and journals. The main focus of the collection is on Irish Law but it also includes a selection of books on European and International Law. Please note: This is a reference collection, items may not be borrowed.

Photocopying facilities are available. The Copyright and Related Act 2000 applies.

Business Databases

Electronic Journals

Here is a small selection of Electronic Journals available for consultation in The Business Information Centre. For further information and a full list of all electronic journal titles, Tel. 01 8733996/8734333 or e-mail:

Forfas Collections

Forfás, in association with Dublin City Public Libraries provide a collection of Forfás reports here in the Business Library, for your perusal. Forfás is the national policy advisory body for enterprise and science in Ireland and since its establishment in 1994, Forfás has championed independent and rigorous research, advice and support in areas of enterprise and science policy.

So what can Forfás offer me?

There are over 370 articles detailing

The Economy

Free! Start your own business lectures and workshops.

The Dublin City Enterprise Board in association with Dublin City Public Libraries will be running a series of free Start Your Own Business lectures from 21st April to 26th May. These lectures, six in total, will assist new and existing small business owners and managers. Topics such as Ideas Generation & Market Research, Ethnic Entrepreneurship, Marketing on a Shoestring, Financing and Planning your Business will be covered this year. Hard to imagine but this course has been running for 16 years and feedback from other years had been brilliant.