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Francis Lawlor reading The Budget

The Budget

by Francis Lawlor

The problem with any budget is that everyone cannot be satisfied. Following the madness of the Celtic Tiger years, 1994 to 2008, and the collapse of the economy in September 2008, it follows that under the subversion of the bailout and the presence of the Troika every budget that followed since 2008 would mean that there would be more losers than winners, and Budget 2013 was no exception.

Rose Kelleher reading A Journey to the Beautician

Rose Kelleher is a member of Cabra Library Creative Writer's Group. Here she reads from her short story "A Journey to the Beautician".

A Journey to the Beautician

by Rose Kelleher

Daniel Lloyd reading The Mummy's Curse

Daniel Lloyd is a member of Cabra Library Creative Writer's Group. Here he reads from his short story "The Mummy's Curse".

Nancy Matchton Owens reading More than Love

I’m Nancy Matchton Owens and this poem is called "More than Love" and it is a twenty-six years anniversary poem.

Poems by Trish Kennedy

Hi my name is Trish Kennedy and I’m reading for Ballymun Writers’ Group. My first piece is called "Sleep".


I seek a place to sleep at night
On my side, left or right
On my back, on my belly
Even sitting watching telly
No sleeping beauty, no not me
I lie awake until three
Then I sleep until it's light
And somehow I forget the night

Seán Ó Floinn reading The Royal Book Club

My name is by Seán Ó Flóinn and I’m delighted to be a member of this evening’s group. Now I’d like to tell you a little story that I wrote some time ago, it’s entitled "The Royal Book Club". You all remember when The Tudors was very prominently being announced on the television -  I think it’s coming back next month - anyway this is the story and it concerns The Tudors.

How Safe Are Your Secrets? by Mary McCall and Nancy Matchton Owens

Hello this is Mary McCall. I’m Nancy Matchton Owens. This is an excerpt from a play we wrote in Ballymun Writers’ Group, called How Safe are Your Secrets?

from How Safe are your Secrets? by Mary McCall & Nancy Matchton Owens

LIZ:  Anyhow, let me ask you another question, given a choice, what age would you go back to?

Poem by Marie Partridge

My name is Marie Partridge from Whitehall. I penned this little poem on World Suicide Prevention Day in September 2013.

He hanged himself today

by Marie Partridge