On the Survival of Humanity by Risteárd Mulcahy

readingMulcahy has always been interested in the relationship between population and the planet and is deeply concerned about the future of mankind as it ignores the well-being of our planet home. As in previous publications, he warns us about the limitations of Planet Earth as the home of man and other living creatures.

Get Gardening

gardeningFor the gardeners among you the extra time being spent at home is a golden opportunity to get outside more than ever and have the garden looking its best. For the rest of us, whether we have access to a garden, big or small, a balcony or a sunny windowsill we can still start growing plants and developing our green fingers.

Food & Drinks magazines in Pressreader

logoFinding new ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, has become particularly challenging now that we're staying home a lot more than usual. Dublin City Library users have an abundance of recipes at their fingertips in Pressreader's Food & Drink section.

‘Alone in Berlin’ and ‘A Whole Life’ - books by German authors.

readingOur colleague Charlotte is sharing her views on two books by German authors. I always try to get keep in touch with literary developments in Germany which is where I am from. Lately, I have come across two wonderful German novels, one originally published in 1947, the other in 2014. Both celebrate the lives of ordinary people but in very different ways.

Spring into Storytime with Once Upon a Balloon

book titleFor this Spring into Storytime session, we have chosen Once Upon a Balloon, written by Bree Galbraith and illustrated by Isabelle Malenfant.  When Theo is upset after he lets go of his balloon, he is amazed when his brother Zeke tells him where it has gone.

The Tearling Trilogy by Erika Johansen

readingAlthough I am way past reading young adult fiction (agewise, that is), I do love it. I devoured ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins and ‘The Divergent Trilogy’ by Veronica Roth. So when a borrower recommended the ‘Tearling Trilogy’ by Erika Johansen, I gave it a try and I was hooked.

Spring into Storytime with Lost and Found, Story 1: Molly

book titleFor this Spring into Storytime session, we have chosen Lost and Found, Story 1: Molly, written and illustrated by Jim LaMarche. When Anna is lost in the woods, she asks her dog Molly to help find her way home.

Time to be smart with your money. Learn how, from home.

calculatorHave you long been meaning to try to get on top of your personal finances? Didn’t quite know where to start and were too time-poor to dip your toe?  Now is your golden opportunity to capitalise on the current hiatus, skill up and take control with our fantastic range of FREE online personal finance management courses. Brought to you by the experts, our courses cover the many facets of personal financial planning and wealth generation - including budgeting, debt reduction, funding your retirement, investing and even couponing! There is something here for everybody who wants to optimise their financial health, whatever their life stage or circumstances.  Start your journey to financial wellbeing today! All FREE and all available with your Dublin City Libraries card.

Spring into Storytime with Beautiful Moon

book titleFor this Spring into Storytime session, we have chosen Beautiful Moon, written by Dawn Jeffers and illustrated by Bonnie Leick. When a little girl’s wish for the day to never end comes true, she learns why night time is so important.

Spring into Storytime with Roberto the Insect Architect

book titleFor this Spring into Storytime session, we have chosen Roberto the Insect Architect, written and illustrated by Nina Laden. This is a charming, imaginative story about a termite named Roberto who dreams of becoming an architect.